Microsoft Edge  


To use Edge, ensure you’re using the appropriate driver

Between the final release of Selenium 3 and the initial release of Selenium 4, Microsoft completely changed their browser engine. As such, Selenium 3 only works with the Legacy EdgeHTML browser, and Selenium 4 only works with the new Chromium backed Edge browser (v75+). As such, Edge support requires Watir 6.19+ and Selenium 4.0.0beta1 or newer.

Starting Edge

b = :edge

Edge Options

For non-browser specific capabilities take a look at our Capabilities Guide In addition to those, all browser settings that are available for Chrome are also available for Edge.

Watir will build the options for you when you pass in a Hash that is based on Selenium’s Edge::Options class

Commonly used settings include:

  • :args - an Array of command-line arguments to use when starting Chrome
  • :binary - a String representing the Path to the Chrome Browser executable to use
  • :prefs - a Hash with each entry consisting of the name of the preference and its value
  • :extensions - an Array of Strings listing the paths to (.crx) Chrome extensions to install on startup
  • :emulation - A Hash for raw emulation options. (it is important to note that the key must be :emulation, not :mobile_emulation)

Last Updated: March 12, 2021