You want to help us? That’s great news!

Watir is maintained by volunteers, and we welcome and appreciate contributions.

  • Want to add or fix things on this website? Make a pull request to our website code.
  • Want to help write Watir code? We suggest you start by running the test suite on the project to learn what things Watir is doing.
  • Want to suggest ideas for how to make Watir better? Submit an issue with your feature request.

Oh, you mean you need help with something?

Do you have a reproducible problem with Watir code?

Submit an issue or, even better, figure out what the problem is and submit a pull request with the fix.

Do you have a specific error or difficulty that has a practical answer of general interest?

Post a Question on StackOverflow. Several people in the Watir community actively monitor questions asked there that have the watir tag.

Do you have a question that involves an opinion, or is otherwise not of general interest?

Send a question to the Watir-General mailing list on Google Groups.

Is it easiest to just have a conversation with us?

Join the #watir channel on the Selenium Slack.

Guidelines for Questions and Posts

  • Check the above locations to see if your question has already been asked before posting your question
  • Keep your questions on-topic
    • Questions must be related to Watir or testing questions in general
    • Watir is for testing not web-scraping, so questions specific to scraping are off-topic
    • Consider finding a more appropriate forum to ask your non-Watir-specific question:
  • Be Respectful
    • The people answering your questions are volunteers with real jobs. Watir has a wonderful and helpful community, but people do not owe you an immediate answer. Be patient, we’ll eventually be able to help.
    • Use standard English, not SMS or chat speak
  • Be Specific and Thorough
    • Provide a Short, Self Contained, Correct Example
    • Include all of the relevant versions for specific issues you are having (Watir, Selenium, driver, browser, Ruby, etc)
    • Include the relevant HTML and the Watir code you are using
    • If you are getting an error, provide the full stack trace (you might need to run your tests with --backtrace)
    • If asked to provide logs: Selenium::WebDriver.logger.level = :debug and Watir.logger.level = :debug can be very helpful in tracking down your issue