Major Website Content Updates

Written by: Titus Fortner on August 3, 2018

The Guides and links to Resources have been updated and expanded on the website.

Please take a look at the Watir Guides, especially the one on Locating Elements. If you have any additional code or examples you’d like to add, or any additional articles you’d like to suggest or write, please let us know. There are at least a dozen additional pages of information we can create and tons of code examples that can be added. Please take a stab at anything that sounds interesting.

In addition to the Guides, the Sidebar has been updated with links to content that has finally been migrated from wiki entries and README files from various deprecated repositories. The add-ons page in particular can use additional pruning and updating.

Does your company use Watir? Is your logo on our Users Page? Give us your information so we can add it!

Thanks for visiting our website and keeping it a great resource for learning to use Watir.


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