Watir Team News

Written by: bpettichord on December 23, 2012

A couple of people got added to the team recently, Justin Ko and Dave McNulla.

Justin Ko Justin Ko

I have noticed that Justin has Watir badge at Stackoverflow. As far as I am concerned, that makes him a Watir support sheriff. I have contacted him and he said: “Sure, it would be an honour to be part of the Watir team.”

In his own words:

Justin Ko has been a software tester for 5 years, specializing in exploratory testing and test automation with Watir. He joined StackOverflow and started a blog (jkotests.wordpress.com) to share his experiences. He looks forward to continuing to provide StackOverflow support as part of the Watir team.

Dave McNulla Dave McNulla

Dave has recorded 6 Watir podcast episodes (and counting). He is also active at Stack Overflow and watir-general.

He has a blog and he is tweets as @dmcnulla.

In his own words:

I am Dave McNulla and I've been testing software since 1993. I started experimenting with Microsoft Test in 1995 for pre-web applications. I used that and other vendor tools for years. In 2008, I tried Watir for the first time to build a test framework that was used for years. I started listening to the Watir podcast soon after and loved the good ideas from it. When I met the host, Željko Filipin, I wanted to help keep the podcast going. If you have interesting experiences or know of a good blog about using Watir, please send me an email.

Justin, Dave, welcome to the team! :)