Watir Team News

Written by: Titus Fortner on August 28, 2016

A warm welcome to several new team members: Alan Baird, Orde Hiller, Bob Lubecker, and Rodney Urquhart

Alan Alan Baird

Alan has used Watir for most of the past decade and has lead software and hardware testing teams for over 15 years. He has been an active member in the Watir community for several years now, helping with the past two Test Automation Bazaars and participating in the rebranding of Watir and the creation of the new website.

Alan has agreed to coordinate public group coding sessions to help developers get familiar with the Watir code base.

Orde Orde Hiller

Orde has been providing quality answers on Stack Overflow for the past several years. He has agreed to be included on the team as a Stack Overflow Support Sheriff with the hope that he can contribute to the code when he has the elusive “more time.” According to Stack Overflow, “he prefers to keep an air of mystery” about himself.

Orde Bob Lubecker

Bob has been using Watir for the past several years and began active participation in the community earlier this year in helping with the rebranding of Watir and has spent a significant effort in making our new Website more usable.

Bob has agreed to take ownership of and maintain the code for this website, including responding to issues and merging pull requests (please contribute!) from the community.

Rodney Rodney Urquhart

In his own words, Rodney says “I’m a software engineer with a passion for testing. I love what I do!” Rodney has used Watir for the past several years to create automated test frameworks for several companies. He has been actively participating in the Watir community since the Selenium conference in Portland last year, including spearheading the creation of the new Watir logo.

Rodney will be joining the team in the role of Project Manager to help organize and prioritize our efforts in moving the Watir code forward. He’s also looking forward to joining the ranks as a Watir code monkey by adding features from the framework he’s written for Slack.

Alan, Orde, Bob, and Rodney welcome to the team!

We’re always on the lookout for more assistance from the community. A great place to start is joining in the conversation in our Watir Slack channel. Search for the Watir channel in the Selenium Team Slack.