Watir 6.4.0

Written by: Titus Fortner on July 11, 2017

Watir 6.4.0 is now available on RubyGems. Speed up your tests with the latest code. Our beta testers have reported speed improvements of 5-15% locally and 20-40% when executing on a remote server.

To install:

gem install watir

or in your Gemfile:

gem "watir", "~> 6.4.0"

Performance, Performance, Performance

There are no new features in this release, just an overhaul to how Watir handles Selenium wire calls. You can read more in the previous article on the release candidate. We’d love to hear how much this speeds up your tests, and as always, let us know if you find bugs

See the Changelog for the complete history of updates.


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