Watir 1.6.6 final released

Written by: bpettichord on October 4, 2010

Hello (fire)watirists!

We are happy to announce that a (very) long-waited (Fire)Watir 1.6.6 final gem is out! You can check out changelog at http://github.com/bret/watir/blob/master/CHANGES

Feel free to give it a test drive. Here are the basic instructions.

Make sure your local gem system is up to date.

gem update --system

run gem -v at the command line, you should be running 1.3.7


gem install watir

Mac or Linux:

sudo gem install firewatir

…and give it a go. Try to use it with your existing test suites and so on to see if there are any issues.

If there are any problems then:

  1. Fix it and send a pull request on Github, our main github repo: http://github.com/bret/watir This is the preferred way of accepting patches, we're happy to work with you on how to do this, github also has extensive docs on how to fork and submit a pull request.
  2. Add it to our JIRA tracker: http://jira.openqa.org/browse/WTR If you need help with that let us know.

If you do have time and can help, please let us know, we can take any help from documentation to running tests on various OSes. We’re a friendly project and would be happy to mentor you if you and/or your company is willing to put in the time.


The Watir Team

Update: The following functionality is included.

Version 1.6.6

IE improvements

  • #elements_by_xpath uses now Nokogiri's xpath method instead of search (Matt Baker)
  • Element#style returns now currentStyle. Closes http://jira.openqa.org/browse/WTR-444 (Jarmo Pertman)
  • Element#visible? doesn't return false anymore for disabled elements (Charley Baker)
  • TH elements texts are included into Table#to_a results. Closes http://jira.openqa.org/browse/WTR-445 (Jarmo Pertman)
  • Added TableRow#to_a method which returns an array of the texts of the cells for the table row. Closes http://jira.openqa.org/browse/WTR-445 (Jarmo Pertman)
  • Added an optional numeric parameter max_depth for Table#to_a and TableRow#to_a for getting text values for nested tables. Closes http://jira.openqa.org/browse/WTR-445 (Jarmo Pertman)
  • #close will close the browser even if #wait raises an Exception. Closes http://jira.openqa.org/browse/WTR-443 (Jarmo Pertman)
  • Added #element and #elements methods for locating non-specific elements. Closes http://jira.openqa.org/browse/WTR-103 (Hugh McGowan)
  • #click_no_wait fixes and improvements. Closes http://jira.openqa.org/browse/WTR-320 and http://jira.openqa.org/browse/WTR-449 (Jarmo Pertman)
  • #wait will raise a Timeout::Error if page hasn't been loaded within 5 minutes. Closes http://jira.openqa.org/browse/WTR-452 (Bret)
  • Fixed a problem when #wait blocked forever. Closes http://jira.openqa.org/browse/WTR-446 (Jarmo Pertman)

Firefox improvements

  • Added close_all method to firefox. Closes http://jira.openqa.org/browse/WTR-222 (Angrez)
  • Fixed status method for firefox. (Angrez)
  • Fixed url method for firefox. Closes http://jira.openqa.org/browse/WTR-428 (Alister Scott)
  • Added JRuby support (Ian Dees)
  • Forcing to use ActiveSupport 2.3.9 due to incompatibilities with newer versions (Jarmo Pertman)

Cleanup & Maintenance

  • Some rdoc cleanup (marekj)
  • README changes (Željko Filipin)
  • Removed Watir::Utils (Jarmo Pertman)
  • It is now possible to execute unit-tests within gems with `rake test` (Jarmo Pertman)
  • Don't output unnecessary information to stdout in FireWatir unit-tests (Željko Filipin)
  • Update the 3 gem projects to each use the common readme file (Bret)

The whole Changelog is available at http://github.com/bret/watir/compare/v1.6.5…v1.6.6