Watir 1.6.5 Released

Written by: bpettichord on November 16, 2009

Version 1.6.5

For the latest version of release notes, please see http://github.com/bret/watir/blob/master/watir/NEWCHANGES

New Features (Both IE and Firefox)

  • Browser.attach is now available.
  • Browser.options and Browser.set_options are now available.
  • Add support for definition lists, this adds these methods:
    • dd, dt, dl, dds, dts, dls. (Jarib)
  • Hidden#visible? should always return false. (Jarib)
  • New method execute_script.
  • Add ElementCollections#size as alias of length. (Jarib)
  • Some camelCase => snake_case renames (with aliasing). (Jarib)
    • Image#fileCreatedDate => file_created_date
    • Image#fileSize => file_size
    • Image#hasLoaded? => loaded?
    • SelectList#getAllContents => options
    • SelectList#getSelectedItems => selected_options
    • SelectList#clearSelection => clear
    • SelectList#includes? => include?
    • TextField#dragContentsTo => drag_contents_to
    • Radio/Checkbox#isSet? => set?
  • Patch for winclicker fix. http://jira.openqa.org/browse/WTR-279 (Derek Berner)
  • Add support for using a Regexp as the third argument (value) when locating checkboxes/radio buttons. (Jarib)
  • Add support for element. (Jarib)
  • Add support and tests for element. (Jarib)
  • SelectList#select now supports Numeric arguments. (Jarib)
  • Additional inspect implementations for both IE and FF. (Jarib)
  • Added ElementCollections#{first,last}. (Jarib)
  • Fixes for running on Ruby 1.9. (Jarib)

Firefox Improvements

  • SelectList#set is now defined for Firefox. Like with IE, it is an alias for SelectList#select. [271]
  • Element collections are now enumerable. This allows methods such as @select@ and @map@ to be used with methods such as @divs@ and @links@.
  • FireWatir.attach is now available, analogous to IE.attach.
  • Some Javascript errors that were being ignored, now raise Ruby exceptions.
  • Added event handler which resets the context of document
  • Fix bug that occurred when new page was automatically loaded. (Angrez, 3ef8b6) when page gets loaded automatically (Angrez)
  • Changed code to use document_var, body_var, window_var, browser_var instead of "document", "body", "window", "browser" variables. (Angrez)
  • Changed code to replace every quote (") in xpath query with (\") so that it doesn't give error while executing the xpath query (Angrez)
  • Fire onchange event for FireWatir file fields. Closes WTR-286. (Jarib)
  • Fixes for running and closing Firefox on Mac OS X
  • Added functionality to allow Watir::Browser.attach with no arguments to open a new firefox window rather than taking over the existing focused window (Rob Aldred)
  • Also modified some setup functions to correctly handle closed browsers, browserless windows and others (Rob Aldred)
  • Add test and implementation for Firefox#status http://jira.openqa.org/browse/WTR-250 (Jarib)
  • Two problems fixed with .click (jubishop)
  • When chaining together element calls the @container becomes an HTMLElement, but there's no container_var defined for HTMLElement
  • When an <a tag has no href then element_type was returning nil.
  • Fix bug in Firefox#document. change creating error class by eval in jssh socket to creating class with ruby.

IE Improvements

Structure Improvements

Unit Tests