Updated Guides and Request for Help

Written by: Titus Fortner on August 10, 2017

Guides for Getting Started, Working with Different Browsers, and Working with Elements have been updated. Please help review the information there or help us with updates on the remaining pages.

Note: We’ve renamed our “Documentation” section to “Guides”, and this post has been updated accordingly.

Watir is ideally suited for people who are just getting started in Test Automation. Many of the questions I’ve fielded on Watir have come from people who do not even have their computers ready to start writing code. There is now an entire section on installing Ruby and Watir, and setting up drivers and explaining how code is organized in projects. Let us know if anything is unclear or missing from the descriptions. If something else needs to be added Raise an Issue.

Many changes have been made recently in how Watir browsers can be started, and many options available on browsers have been updated in recent years. Now there is a page on each browser with examples of popular settings. Do you have a set of options that you find especially useful that you think will help other users? Create a PR to add your code.

One of the most powerful features of Watir are the many ways it can be used to locate elements. Now there is a comprehensive list of location methods, several of which are recent additions. Would you like to help create some real world examples for us? Please show us how you’ve used locators to find difficult elements.

There are still many more pages of documentation that haven’t been updated, please feel free to update or add suggestions of things that need to be added.