Test Automation Conference in Austin in March 2012

Written by: bpettichord on October 28, 2011

From Austin

We are planning a test automation conference in Austin in February March 23-24.

  • Thursday: Pre-conference Workshops
  • Friday Morning: General Assembly - Single Track
  • Friday Afternoon: Working Groups - Open Space
  • Saturday Morning: General Assembly - Single Track
  • Saturday Afternoon: Working Groups - Open Space
  • Sunday Morning: Final Assembly
  • Sunday Afternoon: Coffeshops and Biking


  • Alister Scott, Australia
  • Bret Pettichord, Austin
  • Charley Baker, Denver
  • Tiffany Fodor, Denver
  • Marek J, Austin (relocated from Poland via Dallas and Seattle)
  • Hugh McGowan, Austin
  • Jim Matthews, Austin
  • Carl Schaulis, Austin
  • Mark Anderson, Austin
  • Mike Canzoneri, Costa Rica


  • Open source test automation workshop - not Watir specific - but primarily focused on Watir/WebDriver
  • Specification by Example a key theme
  • Limited to 100 attendees
  • Fairly cheap entry
  • Feb 2012
  • In Austin, which is a great place to be in February
  • Sponsors similar to Watir Day
  • Interesting varied workshop with hands on demos, presentations, challenges and competitions, including a Watir vs. Selenium cage match.

Love to hear your thoughts about this.