Written by: bpettichord on November 15, 2011

taza y bandeja

It is with great pleasure that we announce Taza has been released. We hope you find this release stable, and that you like the small improvements we made. We added support to software we think are the way you should go when it comes to automating tests in Ruby. If you haven’t tried it, I encourage you to give it a shot. In this release, we added:

  • Ruby 1.9 support
  • Watir Webdriver support
  • RSpec 2.x support
  • Bundler support

Among the features we want to improve next are fixtures. I personally find them hard to maintain, and especially in Taza, a little too much on the magic side. We’ve stablished a roadmap regarding those:

  • Add support for factories i.e. FactoryGirl
  • Deprecate current fixtures in Taza
  • Come up with a simpler solution to fixtures

We welcome any suggestions to this roadmap, and anything you might find worth telling us.

Also, there is a nice tutorial about using it with rspec and cucumber. Master branch uses watir. Watir-webdriver branch is there for people not using windows (but it runs on windows, too).

Just run bundle, then bundle exec cucumber and bundle exec rspec spec to run the tests.

There are some failing tests because Etsy changed their website. We haven’t updated the tutorial yet, but I guess fixing it might be a good way of learning it, if you’re interested.

Install it with:

gem install taza

As usual:

  • see build history at Travis CI (wait for a few seconds until older builds appear)
  • see all the changes at GitHub
  • updated API documentation is at RubyDoc.info


Taza Contributors

Posted originally at watir-general by Pedro Nascimento. Published here with permission.