Speakers at the Test Automation Bazaar

Written by: bpettichord on March 5, 2012

In less than three weeks, the Watir team will be assembling in Austin Texas to kick off our first Watir Conference and Test Automation Bazaar. This event is pulling together Watir users and other Ruby lovers to share techniques and create better tools for automating testing.

Watir team members who are confirmed to attend:

  • Bret Pettichord, Austin
  • Hugh McGowan, Austin
  • Alister Scott, Australia
  • Željko Filipin, Croatia
  • Chuck van der Linden, Seattle
  • Tiffany Fodor, Denver
  • Charley Baker, Denver
  • Jari Bakken, Norway

We also have attendees registering from all over the world, including Hong Kong, London, Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio, California, Ontario.

I’m still talking to lots of people about speaking at the conference. Here is a partial list of people lined up to speak and some of this still needs to be confirmed. (Put on the wiki)

Watir Team

  • Migrating from Watir to Webdriver - Hugh
  • Webdriver Internals - Jari
  • Watir, Selenium and Capybara; and Specification by Example: a Love Story - Alister

Experience Reports

  • Hugh McGowan & the Convio team - Introducing WatirMark at Convio. WatirMark is an MVC testing framework that supports Cucumber and Rspec. This is result of several years of major refactoring, recently released as open-source.
  • Bob Jones, How a Ruby Framework for testing services was expanded to make use of the cloud.
  • Zeljko Filipin - Using Sikuli with Watir Webdriver
  • Chris McMahon - Lessons Learned from Fitnesse; a keyword and wiki based testing framework
  • Bramha Ghosh and Andy Vida - Specification by Example at Grange Insurance
  • Tan Le - Building an Automated Test Framework using Cucumber, Capybara and Gizmo.


  • Managing Test Automation - Opened by Rick Hower
  • Sleeps are Evil - Opened by Bret Pettichord
  • Ruby Automated Testing Landscape - Opened by Alister Scott
  • Levels of Quality - Opened by Marek Jay
  • Exploratory Testing with IRB - Opened by Dave McNulla
  • Watir Book and Watir Documentation - Opened by Zeljko Filipin

Charity Workshops

In addition, workshops are being hosted separately on Thursday March 22nd. Alister Scott, Željko Filipin and Chuck van der Linden will be holding a hands-on tutorial on Watir Webdriver; and Cheezy Morgan and Jari Bakken will be holding an advanced workshop on Page Objects. I’m really looking forward to attending these workshops, as well as sending my staff. The registration for these will be separate from the Bazaar, so don’t forget to sign up for this too.