New and Improved Website

Written by: Titus Fortner on August 4, 2016

Welcome to the new Watir website! Content from and has been merged, and both domains will soon be redirected here.

The Watir Team has recommended moving to the WebDriver (Selenium) backed implementation of Watir for several years now, and it is finally time to stop making a distinction when we refer to this project. The original IE-only implementation (which has been referred to as Watir Classic) is being deprecated and should no longer be used for production test suites. Going forward, the supported Watir code is powered by Selenium.

Selenium is the future of browser automation, and any project that relies on that functionality needs to be taking advantage of it. All of the major browser vendors (Mozilla, Google, Microsoft and Apple) now have their own webdriver implementations, and are collaborating on an official w3c specification for browser automation.

This website is built using Jekyll. The code for generating this site is available on github. We’d love to get help or suggestions for making the site better. Please feel free to suggest code or recommend changes.