Watir Day 2011 Speakers

Listed in alphabetical order

Andreas Tolfsen @tolfsen
Watir 3 and the Future
Opera Software ASA

Watir makes automated testing of web applications easy and accessible for everyone. Yet between different versions and implementations of Watir there is a gap in test- and infrastructural compliancy. This talk will present a proposal for a new, universal API called Watir 3. Imagine if you could take your tests and run them on one single consolidated implementation, using any major browser. At Opera, we soon ran into problems using the traditional APIs when trying to utilize Watir in our internal testing. One possible solution is to create a universal API generic enough for the older APIs to easily plug in to it, and specific enough to not introduce any further complexity for normal users. The talk will give you a brief introduction to the use cases of employing Watir to test web browsers, a demo of what the next generation Watir might look like, and my own thoughts on designing good APIs for tomorrow, where technologies such as HTML 5 are just around the corner.

Bio: Andreas is a QA Engineer at Opera Software, where he has written an implementation of Watir for Opera. He has a background as a web developer and browser tester. He holds a BA in Musicology from the University of Oslo. He has held internal talks for Free Software Foundation Europe (on web strategy), at Opera Software (for Core QA), and in political parties (on ideology and political theory). Andreas will also be speaking at the Selenium Conference on OperaWatir and Testing at Opera.

Bret Pettichord @bpettichord
Opening Remarks & Host

Bio: Bret is a quality assurance engineer at Convio and the director of the Watir project. He co-authored ‘Lessons Learned in Software Testing’, co-founded Watir and was on the launch team for Selenium.



Hugh McGowanHugh McGowan @hmcgowan
Testing with Vision

When Hugh started at Convio, there was no test automation and a small QA team. Five years later, Convio running 40,000 automated tests with a much larger, technical team. Hugh will talk about how the team and test environment evolved and the role that Watir played. He’ll also share what Convio are doing today, the tools they use, customizations they’ve made to Watir and things they’ve done in the test framework to grow a scalable test infrastructure.

Bio: Hugh has been using Watir at Convio for the last five years and have been actively involved in the local Watir community. He has also contributed to several open source projects, in addition to creating Rasta and being a lead developer for Roo. Hugh has been in the QA industry for 18 years, mostly in a test automation role. His previous work experience has included a relatively small number of companies: Lacerte Software (now Intuit), Electronics for Imaging, and Akamai. He’s currently a Principal QA Engineer at Convio.

Marek Jastrzebski @rubytester
Domain Specific Watir Page Objects

How to treat watir elements on a page as a one composed watir object that is specific to your business domain.

Bio: Working with Watir since 2007. Designed page objects framework for projects at Boeing and BlueCross BlueShield of Texas.

Simon Stewart @shs96c

A move towards a standard API offered by browsers to facilitate testing makes a lot of sense for those of us on the sharp-end of testing, but until recently it hasn’t been clear what that API should be. With both Opera and Google already offering support for the WebDriver APIs and the next versions of both Watir and Selenium being based on it, now’s the time for that standard to emerge. This talk will describe our plans for reaching a standard, who’s already involved and a tour of the proposed standard as it stands today.

Bio: Simon lives in London and works as a Software Engineer in Test at Google. His Open Source contributions center on Selenium, where he’s one of the noisier members of the community and a core contributor to the project. It has been said before that Simon enjoys beer and writing better software, sometimes at the same time. This is true. He is also the top hit for the search term “steel cage knife fight”, a fact that makes in inordinately proud.

Tim Koopmans @90kts

A demonstration of Watirgrid; testing in parallel with Watir across a grid network.

Bio: Tim is a performance and test automation analyst working in Melbourne, Australia on a personal endeavour to turn the commercial performance testing space into something a lot more open with tools like Watir, Watirgrid, Webdriver and Selenium.

Željko Filipin @zeljkofilipin
Adventures in promoting Watir
WA Research

Željko will be talking about the efforts of Watir community to promote Watir. This includes the community’s past efforts (wiki, web site, podcast, blogs, articles in print magazines…), what is happening right now (social media: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook…) and what he would like to see in the future (more up to date documentation, book(s)…).

Bio: Željko is a software tester since 2004 and has used Watir since 2005. He is Watir community manager and host of the Watir podcast.

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