Charity Workshop

Want to learn about Page Objects and Cucumber?  Do you like the idea of supporting local charities in the Austin area?  Then join us at one or both of our charity workshops before the Test Automation Bazaar!

We’re offering an afternoon workshop on March 22 – the day before the Test Automation Bazaar officially gets underway.  To join in, just donate $50 to one of the list of charities below and sign up using the email form below.  Then, bring a receipt for your donation to gain entry on the day of the workshop.



The workshop will be held at the Mitte Carriage House:

The Mitte Carriage House is located at 1008C West Avenue at the corner of West Avenue and 11th Street in downtown Austin, situated behind the Mitte Foundation Offices and accessible from 11th Street. Map and directions to Mitte.

Workshop Topics

Page Objects and Cucumber

1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Are you already familiar with test automation, but want to take your framework to the next level?  Are you interested in learning how to implement Cucumber?  Then join Jeff Morgan (aka Cheezy) and Jari Bakken to learn about Page Objects and Cucumber.

Follow up:  The workshop was a great success!  Cheezy did a great job teaching us about Page Objects and we raised $750 for local charities.  We’re considering putting the video up for an optional donation – more to come on that.


7 thoughts on “Charity Workshop

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  2. would be great if this could be organized as a online workshop; or recorded and then posted online. Can you make this happen? Thank you.

  3. Just a reminder that many companies will match your charitable donations. This would be a good opportunity to see if your does.

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