Test Automation Bazaar!

The Watir Team proudly presents the first ever Test Automation Bazaar: a two-day conference in Austin, Texas.

The focus of the conference will be on test automation in Ruby (not necessarily Watir), and specification by example: tying automated tests to business context.

When: Friday 23rd & Saturday 24th March 2012
Where: Norris Conference Center – Austin, Texas.

We are also planning some workshops for charity on Thursday the 22nd of March, and some social activities (bike riding and/or beer drinking) on Sunday the 25th March.

Format: We are using a variety of formats, see this post for details.

Call for Presenters: We are looking for short, relevant presentations that can run in a facilitated/interview format. You don’t need presentation experience: we are planning to conduct some mentoring/coaching for presenters – so stay tuned. If you’re interested, please register your interest here as soon as possible – you don’t need to spend a long time writing a lengthy proposal.

Sponsors: Would your company like to sponsor the event? Check out the sponsors page and fill in the form to get started.

Tickets: On sale now.

Accommodation: Hotel Allandale is right next to the Norris Conference Center. There is a group rate of $119/night for a 1 bedroom suite. Phone them on (512)-452-9391 and say you’re attending the Watir & Test Automation Conference. If you’re interested in sharing a room, why not put your name on the Google doc spreadsheet?

Minesweeper Competition: don’t forget to check out the minesweeper challenge, full details here.

Stay Tuned! This website will be frequently updated – so follow @watir on twitter to see any exciting additional information as it comes to hand. Last minute updates will be made to the Bazaar Wiki.

17 thoughts on “Test Automation Bazaar!

  1. Updated the page with a link to where you can buy tickets and another link that describes the format of the conference in more detail. Buy your tickets soon. Early bird pricing ends Jan 31.

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  6. Want to know about test automation tools like eggPlant and Device Anywhere. Hope such conferences in future will definitely help.

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