Need help with Watir? There are several solutions, sorted by the average time elapsed until your problem is solved.

Watir Search

Watir Search, Google custom search engine that searches Watir web sites, wiki, bug tracker, source and all Watir related mailing lists (and nothing else). If you have a problem, somebody else probably had it before you. Also, it is probably already resolved. Please search before you ask. Do not make us send you a link to Let me google that for you, please.

Internet Relay Chat

Watir users and developers meet every day in the #watir chat room.

Stack Overflow

Ask a question at Stack Overflow and tag it with watir.

Mailing Lists

Watir General is a Google group for anyone using Watir for testing. Please read these guidelines before posting to the list.

Report Bugs and Contribute Fixes

Found a bug in Watir? You can post it to the Watir General list mentioned above, especially if you aren’t sure.

You can also check to see if it has already been reported: watir, watir-classic, watir-webdriver. If not, create a new bug ticket.

If you have a fix, you can submit it to us.

8 thoughts on “Support

  1. With the move to a central git repository, are we going to shift bug tracking over to Git and retire Jira to some kind of archive mode?

  2. hi
    i see there wasn’t any activity since april 2013 or i’m looking in the wrong place.
    i’m preparing to implement an automation solution for my company and i’m looking into Watir, too.
    I’m concern for future updates of Watir and if it will be maintained.


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