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Recently, we updated the Watir website to be hosted on GitHub Pages. The existing and sites will no longer be maintained, but most if not all of the information currently on them has been transferred over to the new site. Check it out at now redirects to this new site, and soon will become

If you think something is missing or have any comments or feedback, make an issue on the site’s GitHub page or join us on our Slack channel.

Announcing Test Automation Bazaar Jan 16-17 in Austin

Testing with Vision

I am pleased to announce that the Test Automation Bazaar will be held in Austin, Texas on  January 16-17, 2015 (Fri – Sat). I am convening this event with Zeljko Filipin and the Austin Homebrew Testers, and we are pleased that the event will be sponsored by the Open Information Foundation, a non-profit which we have recently joined and which also sponsors the Citcon conferences.
This is a follow up to the 2012 Test Automation Bazaar, also held in Austin.
Like all OIF events, this conference will be free and open to the public, but we also will be asking for donations and sponsors to cover the expenses of the event. We are currently confirming a location in the Domain.
We invite people to come, share their experiences with test automation and learn from others. The organizers have a bias for Ruby, Webdriver (Watir/Selenium), and open-source tools, but we…

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Watir Team News

I have some great and some sad news. Let’s start with great news.

Great News! :)

Joel Pearson

Joel Pearson

Joel Pearson joins the team as support sheriff.

Bret Pettichord’s nomination:

I would like to nominate Joel Pearson as a support sheriff for Watir. He is active every day on the ruby-talk mailing, answering questions about testing with Ruby and frequently recommending Watir-Webdriver as a solution.


Here is an example of what I am talking about.


Joel about himself:

Hi all,

Hopefully I’ve done this correctly as I’ve previously always used
forum interfaces for mailing lists.

My programming experience is just over 2 years, Ruby for about 1 year.
I started using Watir-Webdriver just under a year ago while trying to
build an automated interface for a web-based stock system. I basically
just built a few front-ends for ease of use, capable of batching
repetitive tasks and analysing information.

Since then I’ve developed some of my own wrapper classes to use within
my company for reporting and bulk processing, allowing me to write
customisable reports quickly from a template. I would say I’m still a
novice programmer, but as I’m being paid for this work I guess I’m
technically a “professional”.

I’ve made a few minor alterations to my local watir-webdriver files.
The main one was adding an optional timeout length while waiting for
javascript alerts. I wrote that a while ago so I could probably do it
better now.

I’ve also started work on my own gem which attempts to emulate
Microsoft Excel’s API as an invisible workbook class. This is to
simplify manipulation of data when analysing HTML tables, and to make
the transition from Excel VBA to Ruby a bit easier. It’s still in the
early stages of development at present.

The Ruby mailing list was (and still is) a great source of helpful
advice when I was starting out learning how to use Ruby and Watir; so
I continue to participate in the hopes of giving something back to the
community in return for all the help I’ve received. And, of course, to
continue to benefit from all the great advice on there.

Links which may be of interest to you:

Some of my old posts feel a bit cringe-worthy when I look back at
them, but that’s all part of learning. I’ll stop rambling now, let me
know if there’s anything pertinent I missed.



Sad News :(

Bret Pettichord

Bret Pettichord asked to be moved to alumni section.

It is time to move me to the Alumni list, as I am no longer an active contributor to the Watir project. I don’t contribute code any more and I haven’t helped manage the project since hosting the Watir Bazaar a year ago (March 2012). I’ve asked others to recognize when they’ve stopped contributing. Now it is my turn.

I should make clear that my team still uses Watir-Webdriver (and WatirMark) every day, so we continue to be users and I continue to encourage my team to contribute to the project. I am also very happy with the current team that has been keeping the project active, especially the leadership provided by Jari, Jarmo and Zeljko.


Last year I had been working on an application for membership in the Software Freedom Conservancy, but realized that I did not have the commitment needed to submit it. If others would like to pursue this, I am happy to support their efforts.


Tiffany Fodor

Tiffany Fodor also asked to be moved to alumni section.

Hi all!

I saw in an earlier message where Bret asked to be moved to the alumni section on the site because he hasn’t done much with the team in the past year. It occurred to me that I’ve likely done even less and should be moved to the alumni section as well.

I still use Watir-classic every day – thanks so much for keeping us IE-saddled folk in up-to-date Watir code! We’re in a “do more faster” mode here at ICAT and I don’t have much time to help out with the support end of things. I’ll try to look in from time to time, but I can’t promise to help on a consistent basis. Also, I don’t have the skills to be updating the source code.

I’m happy to help with the Software Conservancy application if we’ve decided that’s how we should move forward. Please let me know if I can be of help with it without just making it more complicated by handing it off.

I hope all is well with each of you – I missed seeing you all in Austin this year!

Take care!


Hugh McGowan

Hugh McGowan is the last one to ask to be moved to alumni section.

Hi all,

Seems like it’s the season…

While I use Watir-Webdriver daily, it’s been over a year since I’ve checked in or released code, so I should probably be moved to the alumni list as well.

It’s been great fun – I’ve learned tons and met some awesome people. Keep up the great work Jari, Jarmo and Zelkjo!

I’ll still lurk on this list and am happy to help with anything y’all need so feel free to ask. Let me know if you’re ever in Austin!



Watir-Classic 3.4.0 Released!


Hello everyone!

I’m happy to announce that Watir-Classic 3.4.0 has been released!

Put it into your Gemfile:

gem "watir-classic", "~> 3.4.0"

Or install it manually with:

gem install watir-classic

Biggest change is a complete documentation overhaul. Check it out at

Other changes:

  • All deprecated methods will print out warnings.
  • Element#flash returns self instead of nil.
  • Fix frame locator in Frame#attach_command (issue #45).
  • Remove :zero_based_indexing option – from now on all index options are starting from zero.
  • Remove global variable $HIDE_IE – use IE.visible= method instead. Support for command line switch -b is also removed.
  • Remove global varialbe $FAST_SPEED – use IE.speed= method instead. Support for command line switch -f is also removed.
  • Remove IE#close_all – use instead.
  • Remove IE#close_modal – use browser.modal_dialog.close instead.
  • Remove IE#close_others – use instead.
  • Remove unused ie-new-process.rb.
  • Remove unused PageContainer module.
  • Remove unused PageContainer#check_for_http_error.
  • Remove unused PageContainer#enabled_popup – use browser.modal_dialog instead.



Anukul Singhal from Infogain has recently requested to add the company he is working for to our Watir Users list.


I work at Infogain and would like to include our company’s logo on the Watir page.

We have been using Watir extensively for the past 4 years and built a data driven framework on it. Also, for cross browser support (firefox, chrome), we have incorporated watir-webdriver gem, and also using this in conjunction with the cucumber framework.

This has been working wonders for us, and we run a suite of about 350 testcases on a daily basis.

Please let me know if you can include our company’s logo, and any specific information that you might require.

Anukul Singhal

If you would like to add your company to the list send us a logo (150×51), link to the home page and (if possible) a link to the page that says you are using Watir. The Watir Users list is at the bottom of our home page (above comments).

Watir Team News

A couple of people got added to the team recently, Justin Ko and Dave McNulla.

Justin Ko

Justin Ko

I have noticed that Justin has Watir badge at Stackoverflow. As far as I am concerned, that makes him a Watir support sheriff. I have contacted him and he said: “Sure, it would be an honour to be part of the Watir team.”

In his own words:

Justin Ko has been a software tester for 5 years, specializing in exploratory testing and test automation with Watir. He joined StackOverflow and started a blog ( to share his experiences. He looks forward to continuing to provide StackOverflow support as part of the Watir team.

Dave McNulla

Dave McNulla

Dave has recorded 6 Watir podcast episodes (and counting). He is also active at Stack Overflow and watir-general.

He has a blog and he is tweets as @dmcnulla.

In his own words:

I am Dave McNulla and I’ve been testing software since 1993. I started experimenting with Microsoft Test in 1995 for pre-web applications. I used that and other vendor tools for years. In 2008, I tried Watir for the first time to build a test framework that was used for years.

I started listening to the Watir podcast soon after and loved the good ideas from it. When I met the host, Željko Filipin, I wanted to help keep the podcast going.

If you have interesting experiences or know of a good blog about using Watir, please send me an email.

Justin, Dave, welcome to the team! :)