Watir documentation stored on the Watir Wiki:

Watir documentation not stored on the Watir Wiki:

  • You can also view the rdoc — detailed API documentation in Ruby’s standard format: now hosted on

We are always looking for people to contribute documentation, so sign up for a free github account and start contributing today!

18 thoughts on “Documentation

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  2. Having at least once tried to run Watir with the wrong Ruby-version, I must declare that a crucial piece of knowledge had to be dug out from the depth of your documentation, while it should have been visible at a prominent spot of your Web-site.

    PSE either make sure, that prospective users get the information beforehand or … ;-)
    PSE give us a ruby-1.9.x compatible version.

    Do not get me wrong. This is not urgent. It just prevented me from quickly getting an impression while I have to stick with other web-testing tools anyway.

  3. Investigating several testing tools, i came to the Watir-webpage. Just one constructive comment: There’s no obvious, visible overview or featurelist WHAT Watir is capable to do and in which way. So if someone wants to get a very quick comparison between different program-alternatives without installing them, Watir might just be out of game as no quick-overview seems to be possible.

  4. Hi, Looks good and promising. Congrats. I was told that Watir could be used as a record and replay type of tool – for recording the testcases manually and then replay the recorded testcases. Is this possible? From my little knowledge so far I only see developing scripts to write the manual steps. Thanks.

  5. i would like to know more about watir…. is there any pdf file available? from whre can i find that? if so can you please send me the link?

  6. In the section for Watir documentation not stored on the Watir Wiki:

    The hands-on introduction is pulling up a page that requires you to login, but you have no information on how to regsiter on this site.

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