Watir exists because a few people got together to share what they were doing. The community has grown and Watir keeps getting better because people who use it continue to share with others. Please join our community.

Source Code

The Watir Source code is available on github.

Mailing Lists

Watir General is a Google group for anyone using Watir for testing. Please read these guidelines before posting to the list.

Watir Development is a mailing list for all contributors to the Watir family of tools. Any one interested in Watir development is welcome to join.


The Watir Wiki hosts a growing collection of documentation and examples provided by the community.

Internet Relay Chat

Watir users and developers meet every day in the #watir chat room.

Watir Podcast

The Watir Podcast is where Dave McNulla and Željko Filipin and others talk with Watir developers and users about Watir.

Blogs & Twitter

Watir is often written about on blogs and discussed on twitter. You can also follow @watir on twitter.

3 thoughts on “Community

  1. Facing some problem in Watir installation. Always says Cannot find a valid gem ‘watir’. otherwise saying “failed to build gem native extension…”. Please help me.

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