Watir-Classic 3.4.0 Released!


Hello everyone!

I’m happy to announce that Watir-Classic 3.4.0 has been released!

Put it into your Gemfile:

gem "watir-classic", "~> 3.4.0"

Or install it manually with:

gem install watir-classic

Biggest change is a complete documentation overhaul. Check it out at rubydoc.info/github/watir/watir-classic/frames

Other changes:

  • All deprecated methods will print out warnings.
  • Element#flash returns self instead of nil.
  • Fix frame locator in Frame#attach_command (issue #45).
  • Remove :zero_based_indexing option – from now on all index options are starting from zero.
  • Remove global variable $HIDE_IE – use IE.visible= method instead. Support for command line switch -b is also removed.
  • Remove global varialbe $FAST_SPEED – use IE.speed= method instead. Support for command line switch -f is also removed.
  • Remove IE#close_all – use browser.windows.each(&:close) instead.
  • Remove IE#close_modal – use browser.modal_dialog.close instead.
  • Remove IE#close_others – use browser.windows.reject(&:current?).each(&:close) instead.
  • Remove unused ie-new-process.rb.
  • Remove unused PageContainer module.
  • Remove unused PageContainer#check_for_http_error.
  • Remove unused PageContainer#enabled_popup – use browser.modal_dialog instead.


3 thoughts on “Watir-Classic 3.4.0 Released!

    • What method did you exactly use from there? Since Watir is more of a functional testing tool then i wouldn’t recommend you to use it as a load testing tool. For such needs there are specific frameworks (i have used JMeter successfully for example). I can’t imagine you to launch hundreds or thousands of IE-s consecutively to perform and load testing. On the other hand, doind the same with performance testing tool is a norm. Also, launching & stopping a browser is a really wasteful operation when you could just perform all the required requests headlessly and get all the numbers in the reports. So, in short – do not use Watir for load testing since it is not the tool for the job. If you still need to use some of the methods from ie-new-process.rb then you can add it to your project separately and load it after requiring Watir. You can get the code from GitHub at https://github.com/watir/watir-classic/commit/3a63339aeb0f144d2b74db7c7bf67279f4d53800

      • I’m sorry for the confusion with ‘pseudo load test’. I guess I had no other way to explain why I used this.. What I do with ie-new-process.rb is to test one of our sites BEFORE we use JMeter. It’s an ASP.NET site, and sometimes we get issues with having even 5 users working on it at the same time (using IE::new_process), so I use existing scripts to check if the site works before starting work with JMeter (JMeter and VIEWSTATES kill me every time…). Thank’s for the git commit. Again, I’m sorry for the confusion. I’ll look into how I can extend this at work :)

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