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Alex Rodionov

A couple of weeks ago I have been added to Watir team. My name is Alex Rodionov and I am a software tester with 2 years experience in building test automation for web applications in Ruby.

As I was using Watir-WebDriver more and more, I was thinking about the ways I can improve it, so my activity on Github has finally brought me here.

I’m proud to be a part of Watir team and the first member from Russia. As you could guess, my primary focus is Watir-WebDriver and WatirSpec, so look forward to improvements there from my side.

Tiffany Fodor used to be support sheriff, but she did not have the time to contribute lately, so we have moved her to alumni last year. Since she helped a lot with organizing Test Automation Bazaar conference this year, she is back to the team, but instead of support sheriff, she is now conference organizer.

Tiffany FodorTiffany Fodor (@tcfodor)
Boulder, Colorado, United States of America
Test Automation Bazaar conference organizer

A few of Watir Team members are no longer active, so we have moved them to alumni section:

Charley BakerCharley Baker (@charley_baker)
Denver, Colorado, United States of America
contributor to watir gem 1.x

Alister ScottAlister Scott (@alisterscott)
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
web master
documentation at Watir web site, Watir wiki, watirwebdriver.com; support sheriff at Stack Overflow

Did you know the Watir team is all over the world?


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