Watir Team News

Chuck van der Linden

I would like to welcome Chuck van der Linden to the Watir Team. He is very active recently on both Stack Overflow and Watir General and he has agreed to wear Watir support sheriff star. If you were looking for Watir support recently, you probably got (at least one) answer from him. He should probably add this to his e-mail signature: Sir Mix Write-a-Lot. :)

I would also want to thank a few of Watir Team members that are no longer active, so I have moved them to alumni section:

Angrez Singh
Angrez Singh, lead developer of FireWatir (replaced with watir-webdriver)

Tom Copeland
Tom Copeland, lead developer of SafariWatir (not in active development any more)

Tiffany Fodor
Tiffany Fodor, support sheriff at Watir General

Wesley Chen
Wesley Chen, support sheriff at Watir General

Did you know the Watir team is all over the world?


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