Donate to Watir project via Flattr

Flattr logo

Andreas Tolf Tolfsen (of OperaWatir fame) suggested that we add Flattr donations to our web site.

From their about page:

Flattr is the worlds first social micro-payment system.

In short, you create an account, add to your account at least 2 euros each month (about 2.80 usd at the moment), and select one or more things (official term). Your 2 euros (or more, if you like) will split among the things you have flattered (again, official term).

Flattr is used by NoScript, Debian Package Manager — dpkg, W3C Validator, phpMyAdmin, GNU wget

You will find our Flattr donation button just above our Pledgie donation button at the sidebar.

At the moment we have 2 flattrs (not sure if this is official term). We have to pay 2 euros each month to keep our account alive, so we hope we will get at least that much.

I promise we will not spend all of the money on beer. :)


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