Button Elements  


Watir::Button describes elements that either have a tag name of button or are an Input element that have a type attribute value of button.

It is accessed by calling Browser#button. Creating a ButtonCollection is accomplished with Browser#buttons. For all of the different ways of locating a Button element, take a look at our Locating Elements Guide.

Selenium does not care if you click a Button that is disabled, but Selenium will automatically wait for it to become enabled, because a tester shouldn’t need to click a disabled button.

Buttons also inherit methods from standard Web Elements

Common or Special Methods

  • Element#text- because it returns input value or button element text depending on which Button type.

Standard Setter Interface

This functionality was added in Watir 7 beta 2.

Button#set takes a boolean argument. Watir clicks the element if the value is true and does nothing if the value is false.


browser = Watir::Browser.start 'watir.com/examples/simple_form.html'

button = browser.button(value: 'Submit')
button.text == 'Submit' # => true


Last Updated: March 28, 2021